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City creates new job title to keep successful principals in place

The city is removing some principals, but letting others keep their jobs or take on mentorship roles, at a handful of low-performing schools that are being overhauled this year with federal funds.

The eleven schools are part of a select group about to begin the federal government’s “transformation” model intended to improve some of the state’s lowest-performing schools. Though it is the least invasive of the four models offered — it doesn’t require firing teachers — it does call for the removal of principals.

City school officials have decided to entirely replace principals at four of the schools. Another four will get brand new principals, but their current principals will remain in the schools under a new job title. Department of Education officials believe these administrators, who will be called “transformation mentor principals,” should remain in leadership roles because the schools have shown improvement on their watch.

“This is a creative solution for select schools that will mean new teachers, more resources and needed reforms — all while making sure to keep recent positive trends in place,” said Department of Education spokesman Jack Zarin-Rosenfeld.

The DOE is calling the new job title a promotion for these principals, but it is unclear whether they will get raises. The city is negotiating an agreement with the principals’ union.

Transformation mentor principals will essentially be a second principal in these schools, but they will focus on carrying out the changes that accompany the transformation model, such as a longer school day and improved curriculum.

Three new principals who’ve had their jobs for three years or fewer are being allowed to remain in their posts.

List of new principals:
(These are all interim acting principals because they have yet to go through the full approval process.)


  • Steven DeMarco will be interim acting principal.


  • Carl Hudson will be interim acting principal


  • Geraldine Maione will be interim acting principal

Long Island City

  • Vladimir Hurych will be interim acting principal

Cobble Hill

  • Anna Maria Mule will be interim acting principal.

Queens Voc

  • Melissa Burg will be the interim acting principal

Brooklyn School for Global Studies

  • Joe O’Brien was appointed principal a few months ago

Bread and Roses

  • We are in the process of identifying a new principal.