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Remainders: Sarah Palin's opinion of teaching? A big eye roll

  • Sarah Palin gets caught rolling her eyes when a woman introduces herself as a teacher. (Daily Intel)
  • Investments in public media like “Sesame Street” could help poor children read sooner. (Ed Week)
  • A life coaching husband and wife are among groups vying for turnaround dollars. (Times)
  • The school Joel Klein emergency-gave-space-to is tied to him in many ways. (NYCPSPB)
  • In Denver, some say the Times described that pension deal all wrong. (Ed News Colorado)
  • Lumina sets a below-100% target in its effort to raise college graduation rates. (Joanne Jacobs)
  • Some reasons to be skeptical about the importance of the edujobs bill. (NPR)
  • A rookie teacher translated mentoring into a new job after getting excessed. (NYC Educator)
  • Kati Haycock explains the tradeoff: teacher jobs in exchange for food stamp cuts. (HuffPost)
  • Be careful to slow down when driving in the “shcool” zone, a road warns. (LA Times)
  • What’s the Amazon for education? A USDOE official describes the “learning registry.” (Ed Reformer)

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