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Remainders: The viral story for why the principal's camping

  • The tent-sleeping principal of East Side Community HS explains why he moved outdoors. (YouTube)
  • Ross Global Academy’s former principal was de facto cleared of test-tampering charges. (NY Sun)
  • Kate Walsh says releasing teacher value-added data won’t serve all children. (Talk of the Nation)
  • Why not publish only the names of the top 25% of teachers?, suggests Doug Lemov. (TOTN)
  • Can the charter school founded by John King, now of NYSED, scale its success? (Boston Mag)
  • A push to consider cutting high school sports spending. (Reason via Flypaper)
  • A case that “blame the teacher” and “anti-teacher” aren’t the same, and that one is real. (Corey)
  • The president of D.C.’s teacher union calls the IMPACT evaluation “dangerous.” (Learning Matters)
  • India now has schools on wheels, so that teachers travel to students. (City Fix via Flypaper)
  • Reminiscing on NYSUT’s “rather breathtaking 180-degree turnaround” on RTTT. (NYFERA)

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