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Remainders: Taking a long, personal view on student success

  • Tracking down South Bronx students eight years later, with disappointing results. (Robert Pondiscio)
  • A kindergarten teacher’s son was murdered by one of her former students. (Baltimore Sun)
  • An inspiring story about a student who tried, failed, and tried again. (Pissed Off Teacher)
  • A historical argument for why translating memos to parents is a really good idea. (Tablet)
  • Unpacking the New York Post’s high school rankings. (Leonie Haimson)
  • Budget documents suggest the city is cutting funds to lower class size. (Norm’s Notes)
  • The Economic Policy Institute finds issues with score-based value-added evaluations. (Answer Sheet)
  • Race to the Top and the problem of trying to do too much at once. (Sara Mead)
  • Why D.C.’s mayoral primary is “a caution for overcaffeinated fans of mayoral control.” (Rick Hess)
  • What teachers really want: Well-rested students. (Dan Willingham)
  • D.C.-area schools are growing more diverse, maybe because of the recession. (Washington Examiner)
  • Or maybe because schools are actively recruiting white families. (Washington City Paper)
  • And congratulations to Elizabeth! She’s writing a book based on “Building a Better Teacher.” (Russo)

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