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Rise & Shine: Arne Duncan's back-to-school bus hits N.Y. today

  • Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s back-to-school bus tour visits Albany today. (Washington Post)
  • Duncan makes his argument for why states should release data on individual teachers. (Daily News)
  • Teachers aren’t happy about the release of value-added rankings for 6,000 of them. (L.A. Times)
  • Teachers whose students score high are rarely recognized or emulated. (L.A. Times)
  • New Jersey’s fired education chief says he isn’t to blame for losing Race to the Top. (WSJ)
  • The Times says states shouldn’t stop reforming education now that Race to the Top is over.
  • Twelve of the state’s 16 persistently dangerous schools are in New York City. (Post, Daily News)
  • Teachers flock to back-to-school shopping at Barclay School Supplies in Brooklyn. (Times)
  • The new principal of the largest high school in Portland, Ore., is from New York City. (Oregonian)
  • Five years after Katrina, charter schools dominate New Orleans. (Christian Science Monitor, WSJ)
  • Online credit recovery is attractive because it’s fast and inexpensive. (Chicago Tribune)
  • D.C. schools closed the achievement gap less this year than in recent years. (Washington Post)

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