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Remainders: Learn how to play "Spot the TFA"

  • A rural teacher tells the rules to “Spot the TFA.” (Not Much Just Chillin via Quick and the Ed)
  • New model standards for teaching outline key knowledge and “performances.” (CCSSO)
  • Kim Gittleson summarizes how city charter schools did on the state tests. (Community)
  • Leonie Haimson isn’t impressed with New York City’s NAEP performance. (NYPSPB)
  • Ed Next survey: Support for charter schools among blacks rose to 49% in 2009. (WSJ)
  • A Ghanaian immigrant living in Harlem describes her school. (Learning Matters)
  • GAO: For-profit colleges encouraged students to lie to get more financial aid. (WashPost)
  • A San Francisco student says gang violence motivates him to go to college. (Ms. Chew)
  • A summary of all the bad attention Waldorf schools are getting. (Joanne Jacobs)
  • The next Justin teenage music idol? From PS 22. (PS 22 Chorus)

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