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Rise & Shine: Critics call for investigation of inflated test scores

Test score fallout:

  • New state test scores widened the gap between the city’s highest and lowest performing schools. (WSJ)
  • Principals worry what this year’s low pass rates on state tests will mean for their schools. (Times)
  • Statewide, charter schools’ scores fell farthest, but city charters still outperformed district schools. (WSJ)
  • Schools in Queens out-performed those in other boroughs on the state tests. (Daily News)
  • Critics call for an investigation into inflated scores, but state ed officials want to move on. (Daily News)
  • Diane Ravitch writes that the chances city and state officials will be held accountable are “not promising.”
  • Former city accountability chief James Liebman argues the test results still show real gains.
  • The Daily News: charges that the test scores show city schools have made no progress are “bogus.”
  • The Post says city students have made big gains since before the mayor took over the schools.

And in other news:

  • A homeless Bedford Academy student won a full college scholarship. (Daily News)
  • Massachusetts data links academic performance to how often students switch schools. (Boston Globe)
  • KIPP charter schools in D.C. aim to double their enrollment using a $5 mill. donation. (Washington Post)
  • Madison, Wisc. schools are nationally known for including students with autism into most classes. (Times)
  • Sally Ride, the first woman in space, has launched a science training program for teachers. (USA Today)
  • The textbook publishing market is changing as more states allow open-source online texts. (Times)

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