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Remainders: Randi Weingarten promises to “fight smart”

  • A breakdown of snarky coverage from the AFT’s national convention. (Antonucci)
  • So far Randi Weingarten has promised to be the union of solutions. (Seattle PI)
  • She also promised to “fight smart.” Read a hilarious dispatch from an opponent. (EdNotes)
  • Learning to teach by practicing on Second Life-style student “avatars.” (Inside Higher Ed)
  • City charter and district schools both suspend about 8% of their students on average. (Curious 2)
  • Meet the group that brought the new Chicago teachers union president to power. (Notebook)
  • How a college graduate today compares to a college grad of the 1930s. (Quick and the Ed)
  • Should schools really spend millions buying new technologies? (Larry Cuban)
  • Obama’s edu-research team will focus on finding ways to support learning. (EdWeek)