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Remainders: Why closing bad schools makes people angry

  • Why does closing bad schools cause anger? Review history. (HuffPost w/ Hechinger)
  • City reporters get overcrowded treatment: a move to trailers. (CityRoom)
  • Relations between teachers unions and Obama are chilling. (NPR)
  • A magazine tackles the dropout crisis. (Washington Monthly w/ Hechinger)
  • One story looks at New York and finds promising work. (WashMonthly w/ Hechinger)
  • A new parent is heading the city’s family outreach efforts. (Insideschools)
  • Who will memorialize fallen students of shuttered schools? (JD2718)
  • Does New York benefit if the edujobs bill undercuts RTTT? (EdWeek)
  • A new book reveals what a veteran ed reporter really thinks. (LearningMatters)
  • And the Education Writers Association has a new blog. (EdBeat)