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Remainders: Making sense of the (adjusted) test scores

  • NY’s tests were shown to be faulty just as more weight is be placed on tests nationally. (NY Times)
  • Bloomberg: the state test recalibration is really about “a change in definition.” (Gotham Gazette)
  • NY’s next governor should investigate who dumbed the state tests down. (Chalkboard)
  • An arts advocate’s blood is boiling because curriculum narrowed to cater to faulty tests. (Dewey21C)
  • The case against summer vacation and how to make creativity part of it. (Time)
  • Are there enough talented leaders to fill all the jobs RttT will create? (Educated Reporter)
  • Part of the Gates teaching grant in Florida is support for new teachers. (St. Petersburg Times)
  • Amid contract talks, new Chicago union president calls for ending TFA there. (Alexander Russo)
  • A rundown of neighborhoods applying to start Promise Zones. (Paul Tough)
  • Arguing that the local press misses the real problem with “gifted” education. (Sara Mead)

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