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Rise & Shine: Test inflation rate at 20 percent, Tisch says

News from New York City:

  • Merryl Tisch said the “inflation rate” on state tests has been around 20 percent. (Post)
  • A lot of money and jobs have hinged on the flawed test scores. (Daily News)
  • The Times says promised state testing reforms are exactly what parents and students need.
  • City principals are already working on incorporating new national standards. (GothamSchools, WNYC)
  • In an era of test prep, Head Start pre-Ks say fewer of their students get into gifted programs. (Times)
  • About 40 percent of students at a new East Harlem charter school need special education. (Daily News)
  • The identity of the state’s university system is at a crossroads. (Times)
  • Many students assigned to summer school are not attending. (GothamSchools, Post)
  • The S.I. teen allegedly killed by his mother was supposed to get counseling at school but didn’t. (Times)
  • Five students at Millennium High School said a school drinking fountain made them sick. (Daily News)
  • PS 72’s new rooftop soccer field was paid for by Manchester City, the British soccer team. (WSJ)
  • Nathan Quinones, chancellor from 1984 to 1987, has died. (AP)
  • The Post says the fact that only 20 city schools are on the SURR list shows mayoral control is working.
  • Unlike Dallas, New York City does not have a central textbook depository. (Times)

And beyond:

  • Students are trying to turn the roof of the country’s oldest school into a garden. (Boston Globe)
  • Maryland is ending the longstanding practice of letting teachers preview state tests. (Washington Post)
  • New York University is going to provide intensive support for seven schools in Newark. (Times)
  • D.C. schools chief Michelle Rhee fired hundreds of teachers deemed low-performing. (Times, AP)
  • The Daily News and Post say Joel Klein should follow Rhee’s lead and fire more teachers.
  • Portland, Ore., is looking to New York City as a model for reducing its dropout rate. (Oregonian)
  • Some aren’t happy that low-performing Jersey City, N.J., has a highly paid superintendent. (WSJ)

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