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Remainders: Rhee fires nearly six percent of D.C. teachers

  • Michelle Rhee fired 241 of 4,000 D.C. teachers (6%) today citing poor performance. (WashPost)
  • 737 of D.C. teachers were rated “minimally effective” by the new IMPACT eval. (Teacher Beat)
  • Geoffrey Canada responds to critical analyses of the Harlem Children’s Zone. (Ed Week)
  • “Big money has a way of making itself heard over hard data.” (Walt Gardner)
  • A brief video history of P.S. 8 in Brooklyn Heights. (Brooklyn Heights Blog)
  • Submit questions to Arne Duncan for a July 29 radio town hall with teachers. (ed.gov)
  • USDOE has a tool showing where Promise Neighborhood grants came from. (data.ed.gov)
  • Duncan is also cracking down on for-profit universities, and their stocks follow. (Hechinger)
  • The Education Voters of New York group released its first report. (Imagine: NY Schools)
  • Mayor Bloomberg sympathizes with child abuse victims: he once cried as a baby. (Daily News)

UPDATE: I changed the headline in response to Smith’s comment below.