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Wanted: educator with a record of removing the unwanted

Removing bad teachers from the city’s schools is no easy task, but then again neither is finding someone who wants to do that professionally.

In a job description posted online last week, the Department of Education advertises for an open position in the Labor Support Unit, which initially sounds sort of friendly. Members of the unit have to be certified principals or superintendents who’ve shown they can turn around poor performing teachers.

But when that fails, they also need to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the teachers union contract and a district attorney’s knack for making a case against the offending teacher.

Job Description

The Labor Support Unit at the Department of Education is seeking consultants to provide support to principals and other school-based supervisors in addressing poorly-performing pedagogues.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provides guidance to principals and other school-based supervisors in developing support programs for underperforming tenured and probationary pedagogues.
  • Assists in designing support for underperforming pedagogues.
  • Provides technical assistance to principals and other school-based supervisors in the evaluation and disciplinary processes.
  • Liaisons with Office of Labor Relations on labor/legal issues.
  • Where necessary, assists in organizing documentation of performance problems.

Selection Criteria


  • Applicants must possess a valid New York State certification in one of the following:
  • School Administration/Supervision (SAS)
  • School District Administrator (SDA)
  • School District Leadership (SDL)
  • School Building Leader (SBL)
  • Three (3) years supervisory experience
  • Knowledge and demonstrated success in supervising classroom instruction and improving underperforming pedagogues.
  • Working knowledge of evaluation/discipline process for pedagogues.

Salary Range: $350 per day

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