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Remainders: Do Americans like checks and balances too much?

  • Why are unions still powerful? Americans like checks and balances too much. (Antonucci)
  • Russ Whitehurst says Harlem Children’s Zone works, but not as advertised. (Brookings)
  • Joel Klein is now partnering with Microsoft to make a school e-mail system. (Datamation)
  • Why forcing teachers to work at struggling schools doesn’t work. (This Week in Education)
  • A first look at the first step in the federal education budget process. (Ed Money Watch)
  • Meanwhile, edujobs isn’t totally dead — not yet, at least. (Politics K12)
  • The University of Phoenix took more than a billion in Pell grants, a record. (Quick and the Ed)
  • Charter school critic Sen. Bill Perkins was endorsed by two former mayoral candidates. (Daily Politics)
  • Round 2 admissions for public pre-K are underway and seats are open. (Insideschools)
  • John McWhorter and Richard Thompson Ford debate the merits of segregated schools. (Bloggingheads)

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