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Remainders: No retirement incentive for you

  • Mayor Bloomberg said he’s not going to offer senior teachers a retirement incentive. (Daily Politics)
  • He also said it’s likely the city will have to make more cuts. (State of Politics)
  • A Department of Education official is leaving to kick anti-gay marriage legislators out of office. (Times)
  • Bloomberg get a “D” for letting Albany compromise Klein’s charter authorizing power. (City Hall)
  • President Obama is relying on the Senate to save Race to the Top from millions in cuts. (WaPo)
  • Thirteen senators have written a letter in opposition to the cuts. (Edweek)
  • Jonathan Alter says cuts had to be made, but Obey pulled from the wrong places. (Newsweek)
  • There could be a silver lining to cutting funding from RttT: more qualified winners. (Flypaper)
  • A parent says her school is squeezed but the city says it can enroll more students. (NYC Parent blog)
  • A teacher wonders what Bill Gates will say to a teachers union convention. (NYC Educator)
  • In time for CA’s upcoming budget fight, a report says its schools are underfunded. (Educated Guess)
  • And Stephen Sawchuk promises coverage of the new teachers union conventions. (Edweek)
  • Finally, we’re extending our long weekend through Tuesday. Enjoy the break and see you next week!

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