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Remainders: Bloomberg suggests parents get “an education”

  • Bloomberg: If you send your kid to a once-closing school, you need “an education.” (Daily News)
  • More concerns e-mailed in about the principal at Columbia Secondary School. (City Room)
  • Teachers, mark Staples’ teacher-discount-day on your calendars. (NYSUT)
  • Edward Cullen did pass the twelfth grade, and beyond, thank you very much. (Answer Sheet)
  • New Orleans is trying to rebuild its education system — and its school buildings. (Good)
  • One-time Race to the Top enemy Obey now favors spending more on it. (EdWeek)
  • A Wisconsin court finds that teacher e-mails are private. (Milwaukee J-S)
  • What it looks like inside the Gates Foundation’s Seattle headquarters. (The Guardian)
  • College students say they didn’t learn to write papers in high school. (Class Struggle)