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Remainders: Most districts have already spent stimulus dollars

  • Most school districts have already run out of stimulus dollars. (Ed Money Watch)
  • How a real first-grade teacher uses Facebook to enhance her class. (Innovative Educator)
  • Parents wading in to high school admissions, read this and start now! (Insideschools)
  • In a cover profile, Bill Gates says it’s “not fair” to say small schools failed. (Business Week)
  • Gates recently attacked “fraudulent” accounting for misreporting teacher pension costs. (WSJ)
  • Coming national are high but not as rigorous as Massachusetts’. (Boston Globe blog)
  • Many suburban Chicago-area teachers make six figure salaries. (Tribune)
  • New opportunities to nurture education entrepreneurs emerge. (Flypaper)
  • An arts education expert reminds us that “schooling is hard change.” (Dewey21C)