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Rise & Shine: Misbehavior and punishment in four boroughs

  • The city and union agreed to a plan for housing new schools. (GothamSchoolsDaily NewsNY1Times)
  • A state court rejected the city’s plea to fire a Staten Island teacher who flirted with a student. (Post, AP)
  • The city punished those who ran Nicole Suriel’s field trip. (GothamSchoolsTimesNY1PostDNWSJ)
  • News of fiscal wrongdoing at Kennedy HS are part of a long history of trouble there. (Riverdale Press)
  • The former principal of IS 141 in Queens says he was forced out on false charges. (Queens Gazette)
  • Chancellor Klein and his Ed Equality Project co-chairs oppose potential Race to the Top cuts. (WSJ)
  • Parents at PS 41 created a community service program for their children. (The Villager)
  • Civil rights groups quit working with Boston schools over community engagement efforts. (Boston Globe)
  • Changes to teacher evaluation laws mean teachers in many states will face a new reality this year. (NPR)