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Turnover continues at the Department of Ed's press shop

Well, that was fast. It hasn’t been two weeks since the Department of Education said goodbye to its press secretary and now it’s about to wish another member of the truth squad farewell.

Much like a retired teacher, press deputy Danny Kanner is headed to Florida. After eight months in Tweed, he’s leaving to become Governor Charlie Crist’s spokesman in his bid for a U.S. Senate seat. Kanner won’t be straying too far from education issues, as they’ve already become a major part of Crist’s campaign.

In April, Crist made headlines when he decided to veto a bill that would have given teachers one-year contracts, effectively eliminating tenure. Though popular with Republican leadership — Crist’s party at the time — the bill outraged teachers and their unions.

Kanner’s departure could give new press secretary Natalie Ravitz an opportunity to shape the press office, though Ravitz said it was “to be determined” whether Kanner will be replaced. Other positions, such as for a Spanish-speaking press officer, have gone unfilled.

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