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Rise & Shine: Principal gave students a second try on state test

News from New York City:

  • The principal of Queens’ PS 86 let students answer state test questions a week after the test. (Times)
  • Large education nonprofits and local colleges have applied to open new charter schools. (Post)
  • Private school tuition for special needs students is a growing expense for the city. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Some hiring restrictions for teachers have been relaxed. (GothamSchoolsWNYC)
  • A major donor wants each SUNY school to be able to set its own tuition. (Times)
  • Parents fought for air-conditioned school buses for special needs students and won. (NY1)
  • State Sen. Bill Perkins’ main opponent, pro-charter Basil Smikle, has raised $130,000. (Post)
  • A real estate developer has given more than $1 million for students’ summer jobs. (Wall Street Journal)
  • The Post says any administrator who lets a no-show student graduate should be fired.
  • The Post praises Gov. Paterson for vetoing a funding bill that would have capped charter school aid.

And beyond:

  • The Gates Foundation continues to play a major role in setting the education agenda. (Washington Post)
  • A New Jersey school tossed test prep to boost diversity and test scores. (Wall Street Journal)
  • The head of Britain’s schools inspectors says bad teachers can be good for students. (Mirror UK)
  • Teach for America continues to attract far more students from top colleges than it can accept. (Times)
  • Computers in the home might actually hurt poor students’ performance, a study says. (Times)
  • Sacramento’s superintendent is making his schools look and feel more corporate. (Sacramento Bee)