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Rise & Shine: Major math errors get partial credit on state tests

  • Micah Lasher, Bloomberg’s chief negotiator, turned down his job three times to stay at the DOE. (Times)
  • Grading guides for the state math test give partial credit for major arithmetic errors. (Post)
  • Sentiment is growing for Orthodox Jewish schools to accept more children with special needs. (NY1)
  • A $600 million federal health care budget cut could put teacher layoffs back on the table. (Daily News)
  • Some of the politicians who oppose charter schools are trying to help a private school. (Post)
  • The teachers union is suing the city over large class sizes at Francis Lewis HS. (Queens Tribune)
  • Parents at three Manhattan schools aided by a space-sharing plan say fighting back works. (NY1)
  • The Daily News is worried that despite legislative changes, New York still won’t win Race to the Top.
  • The Post praises N.J. Gov. Chris Christie for reneging on the state’s deal with the its teachers union.
  • High schools are suffering nationally as they eliminate many non-essential programs. (USA Today)
  • Bay Area educators led the fight in California against the Race to the Top competition. (Times)
  • Jay Mathews says D.C.’s new contract clears the way for teachers’s creativity. (Washington Post)

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