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Remainders: Bill Gates heaps praise on charter school leaders

  • Here’s a round-up of education advocates’ response to Paterson’s budget veto. (Gotham Gazette)
  • One teacher says her “last goodbyes” to this year’s crop of students. (Miss Brave Teaches NYC)
  • While the teacher who goes by “Mildly Melancholy” is leaving the classroom forever. (Mildly Melancholy)
  • The rubber rooms: just like “The Breakfast Club” but with teachers and less group bonding? (Daily Intel)
  • A “charter-curious” district school teacher offers her take on “The Lottery.” (Charter Curious)
  • Listen to Bill Gates’ full, unedited speech at a national charter schools conference. (WBEZ)
  • Gates told charter leaders he thinks they are starting a “revolution.” (Seattle P-I)
  • Gates also wishes “the world had one [education] agenda…embraced by teachers.” (District Dossier)
  • If desirable school districts outside of D.C. test more, then maybe the city should too. (Class Struggle)

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