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Remainders: How summer vacation really came to be

  • We owe summer vacation to city dwellers, not to agrarian communities. (Core Knowledge)
  • Albany legislators passed an education budget but Governor Paterson vetoed it. (State of Politics)
  • Abandoned, P.S. 186 is caught between preservationists and a community organization. (City Limits)
  • A South Bronx Teach for America member gives advice to his graduating seniors. (Good)
  • In Mayor Bloomberg’s Department of Education, 80 percent of top officials are white. (NY Times)
  • New York State spent more per-student than any other state in 07-08. (Gannett)
  • Rochester’s mayor was in Albany today to lobby for “hybrid” mayoral control. (State of Politics)
  • Randi Weingarten: “Waiting for Superman” and its fans are naive about education. (HuffPo)
  • Sen. Byrd championed history and civics education. (Edweek)

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