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Rise & Shine: Some families are abstaining from school's last day

  • Some parents aren’t bothering to send their children to school for today’s half day. (Times)
  • It’s not clear what effect the impending increase in Regents exam standards could have. (Times)
  • An AP at Kennedy HS, where staff stole student money, had been censured before. (Daily News)
  • The year-old ban on outside hires is crunching principals’ ability to fill positions. (WSJ)
  • Lawmakers jousted all weekend over proposals for how to balance the state’s budget. (Times)
  • The city revealed plans to revamp 34 low-performing schools. (GothamSchools, Daily News, WNYC, NY1)
  • Long Island police have opened a criminal investigation into Nicole Suriel’s field trip death. (Post)
  • Anger at Suriel’s principal and school accompanied sadness at her funeral Friday. (Post, Daily News)
  • The flamboyant principal of MS 391 in the South Bronx tries to make school a special place. (Times)
  • A Brooklyn school whose prom got out of hand last year didn’t have a prom this year. (Post)
  • A Brooklyn student who did homework by candlelight won a scholarship to Wheaton. (Daily News)
  • A slew of rappers taught city students in end-of-year mini-courses. (Daily News)
  • Hackers exposed students’ personal information from Brooklyn Tech’s website. (Daily News)
  • The Post and Daily News say recent charter school news proves the schools are working.
  • Some suburban school districts are naming far more than one student as valedictorian. (Times)
  • Schools are increasingly playing police in conflicts that students have online. (Times)
  • A Chicago high school for boys held an emotion-filled first graduation last week. (AP)
  • Alternative schools are top on the chopping block for budget-strapped Los Angeles. (L.A. Times)
  • Rural and tribal areas are hoping to replicate Harlem Children’s Zone. (NPR)

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