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Remainders: A state budget on its way Monday, maybe

  • Governor David Paterson says we’ll have a budget Monday no matter what. (State of Politics)
  • But he may be headed for a big showdown with Speaker Sheldon Silver first. (Daily Politics)
  • Next year’s school battles are likely to be even more dramatic than this year’s. (City Room)
  • An experiment: Does competition boost performance or encourage cheating? (Core Knowledge)
  • “Extremism in school reform is not a virtue,” says an ed professor. (Answer Sheet)
  • Curious internet outages have disrupted schools during the last few days of the year. (City Room)
  • Going deep into how accountability worked — or didn’t — at Kennedy HS. (NYC Parent Blog)
  • Kennedy’s former chapter leader describes how four city investigations floundered. (JD2718)
  • Remember NCLB? A look at how we entered a new era of ed reform. (Kevin Carey)
  • And here’s some great audio of Brooklyn first-graders reading their original poetry. (The Local)

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