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On first day of Regents exams, test jitters spill onto Twitter

Pre-exam anxiety and post-exam elation and regret are in the air today, but those feelings are also streaming through Twitter.

By mid-morning today, the first day the city’s high schoolers are sitting for their Regents exams, thousands of tweets included the word “Regents.” A Twitter search paints a portrait of how students spend their time studying for and stressing out about their tests before they take them and how they celebrate after they finish. And it even includes a rare tweet from inside the exam hall.

“Good luck to everyone taking the Regents this week, including myself for my FINAL chance,” wrote one student. Jitters abound, though some students are entering the exams with confidence:

Some students warn that Twitter can abet cheaters, while others plan their cheating strategies:

And some students are just sick of the whole thing:

Here’s an assortment of students’ reactions to the exams:

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