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Rise & Shine: Disproportionately few Hispanics at city charters

  • Hispanic students are severely underrepresented at city charter schools. (Times)
  • Local students sometimes videotape their fistfights and post them on YouTube. (Daily News)
  • Scholars to Work, a year-old city program, sets students at vocational schools up with real jobs. (NY1)
  • Guardians aren’t happy that some students at In-Tech Academy were made to clean toilets. (Daily News)
  • The Post calls on Education Commissioner David Steiner to improve the state’s testing program.
  • All over the country, schools are cutting the programs that helped them improve. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Budget cuts and politics don’t bode well for Newark’s teachers union’s negotiations. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Newark’s teacher absenteeism rate is twice as high as most urban school districts’. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Some New Jersey school districts are having to charge tuition for summer school this year. (AP)
  • A Philadelphia school designed by Microsoft has taken a while to hit its stride. (AP)

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