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Remainders: New RTTT applications had more union buy-in

  • Every state applying for RTTT round 2 got more union buy-in this time. (EdWeek)
  • To stave off a strike, Chicago will borrow $800M to give teachers 4% raises. (Sun-Times)
  • In NYC, school-based positions have been cut more than Tweed positions. (Leonie Haimson)
  • Principals are suing to block the new 55-25 retirement incentive. (CSS Blog, scroll down)
  • NYSUT lobbyist Melinda Person is a triathlete, and on 40 under 20 40 list. (City Hall)
  • A new study suggests that kids with more friends do better in school. (USA Today)
  • Jay Mathews wonders about the aftermath of a powerful principal’s retirement. (WashPost)
  • A Boston principal and a school head in Niger have things in common. (Mike Goldstein)
  • A blind teacher says she was attacked for protesting special ed cuts. (Suite 101)
  • Obama is making a personal effort to boost the federal edu-jobs bill. (EdWeek)
  • Could weak accountability kill the charter school movement? (Flypaper)
  • A profile of a Florida school literally praying for budget help. (WSJ)

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