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Rise & Shine: Schools with needy students got less stimulus $

  • Many schools with poor students got less stimulus money, but still had bigger budgets. (WNYC)
  • A few politicians are pushing for charter schools to be required to pay union wages. (Post)
  • A school custodian leads a program at PS 14 to give bikes to needy children. (Bronx Times-Reporter)
  • With a local TV station’s help, Lehman HS students produced anti-bullying ads. (Bronx Times-Reporter)
  • A new private school’s principal left last week and never came back, and parents are angry. (Times)
  • Too few families signed up for gifted classes on Roosevelt Island to keep the program there open. (WSJ)
  • The Daily News lauds a 6-year-old East Harlem Catholic school for sending all its graduates to college.
  • And happy Brooklyn-Queens/Chancellor’s Conference Day! (GothamSchools)

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