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Rise & Shine: City wants to start layoffs with U-rated and ATRs

  • City schools fared worst in Mayor Bloomberg’s budget plan. (GothamSchools, Times, Daily News, NY1)
  • Areas where more teachers are new will feel the brunt of the cuts hardest. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Chancellor Klein writes that he wants to start layoffs with teachers rated unsatisfactory and ATRs. (Post)
  • Rick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute says higher class sizes won’t hurt students. (Daily News)
  • The Times blames Albany for the cuts but wonders whether so many teachers need to be laid off.
  • The Daily News says the teacher cuts show that state legislators aren’t putting children first.
  • Juan Gonzalez: A tax rule has banks making profiting from charter school construction. (Daily News)
  • A parent group is pushing for an alternative to school closures that helps struggling schools. (City Limits)
  • A Bronx teacher is putting his students to work on an urban farm in a food desert. (Daily News)
  • A team of Stuyvesant HS students, all women, won a prize for envisioning a bionic eye. (Post)
  • State Sen. Bill Perkins opposes some school choice, but voters have choice about him, the Post writes.
  • A handful of city private schools have dropped an admissions test whose scores keep rising. (Times)
  • Students at some schools are using virtual worlds to develop their business skills. (Times)

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