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Rise & Shine: Under Obama, federal ed role is unusually bold

  • The State Senate passed a bill to allow more charter schools. (GothamSchools, Times, Post, Daily News)
  • The Post and the Daily News both praise the development in the Senate, which came as a surprise.
  • Rumor has it that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was enraged by the Senate’s move. (Post)
  • Education Secretary Arne Duncan is leading an unusually assertive education department. (Times)
  • The city is planning a new school for a Harlem housing project. (GothamSchools, Post, Daily News, NY1)
  • Joel Klein explains to Aussies why schools should track progress, not just performance. (The Australian)
  • In a letter, the founders of the controversial Imagine chain of charter schools fire back. (Times)
  • Philly’s schools chief got a $65,000 performance bonus in a tight budget year. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • Detroit is bringing Teach for America back to its schools, just as it’s laying off teachers. (Detroit News)