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Rise & Shine: Charter cap fight enters last week, or maybe day

  • The state has just a week to boost its Race to the Top bid by lifting the charter cap. (Wall Street Journal)
  • But with lawmakers booked up most days, a charter cap deal needs to happen today, the Post argues.
  • Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein touted charter schools at black churches yesterday. (Daily News)
  • The union said it could soon turn to the less charter-friendly Assembly in the cap fight. (Daily News)
  • But negotiations might have moved forward on Saturday, with a colocation council in the works. (Post)
  • The Daily News says the UFT is wrong to push for limits on how many charters can open in one area.
  • The charter cap war is also an ad war between the union and charter advocates. (GothamSchools, Post)
  • NYC Charter School Center head James Merriman says “faux reforms” aren’t enough. (Crain’s NY)
  • Many state politicians who oppose charter schools went to nonpublic schools themselves. (Post)
  • A band of state judges are considering joining the state or city teachers union to get raises. (Post)
  • MTA board members will make a final determination on the fate of student Metrocards June 23. (Post)
  • City students and teachers can sing and act so well they could be “Glee” cast members. (Daily News)
  • Nearly 1,000 incoming kindergartners won’t get seats at their zoned schools. (GothamSchools, Post)
  • PS 143 in the Corona section of Queens has the longest waiting list, with 110 children. (Daily News)
  • Overcrowding isn’t abating at Francis Lewis HS, the city’s second-biggest school. (Queens Courier)
  • Two new school buildings in Midtown are being built on private developers’ dime. (NY1)
  • Race to the Top could have long-lasting implications for the fate of American teachers unions. (Times)
  • The Times says Hawaii is shortchanging students by cutting school days to save money.

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