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It’s “Happening”: another union ad about schools

Just in case there weren’t enough school-themed ads playing on your TV, the city’s teachers union is debuting one tomorrow.

Called “Happening,” it urges viewers to ignore that pro-charter school ad they likely sat through only seconds before and focus on the budget cut-induced chaos that will befall their local schools. Larger class sizes, no after school programs, and teacher layoffs form the three pillars of disaster, according to the ad.

Included in the ad is a TV spot being run by Education Reform Now — a coalition of pro-charter school groups who are simultaneously pushing a charter cap lift and an end to seniority based layoffs. The UFT’s own ad labels this group the “blame the teachers crowd” and taps into some anti-Wall Street sentiment by noting there are “Wall Street Hedge Funds” supporting them.

The ads will run through next Friday during the full last week Albany lawmakers will have to pass legislation affecting the state’s Race to the Top chances.

ANNOUNCER: What’s happening inside our public schools?

Class sizes up.

After-school programs gone.

Great teachers threatened by layoffs.

And now, the ‘blame the teachers crowd’, and the Wall Street Hedge Funds behind them, are spending millions, playing politics with our kids.

All of us — parents, teachers and community members — need to stay focused on what really matters.

Blocking education cuts so we can protect all schools and all children.

Join us. Stop the cuts and save our schools.

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