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Rise & Shine: Charter deal hinges on space sharing, for-profits

  • A judge backed a city health teacher sent to the rubber room over vocabulary. (Times, Daily News)
  • A tentative state-union charter school deal fell apart over co-location and for-profit schools. (Daily News)
  • Charter advocate Peter Murphy says for-profit schools don’t exist, only for-profit partners. (Daily News)
  • In launching his State Senate bid, Basil Smikle said his mother is a teacher and UFT member. (Post)
  • City students had mixed national reading test scores. (GothamSchools, Post, Daily News, NY1, WNYC)
  • The city’s scores put it below the national average but better than other urban districts. (Times)
  • The scores show city students are on the right track but still need help, the Daily News says.
  • The 5,000 middle school students losing yellow-bus service could get student Metrocards. (Post, NY1)
  • Budget cuts have put Chicago’s ballroom dance program in danger. (Times)
  • The Washington Post says D.C.’s rising NAEP scores show Michelle Rhee’s reforms are working.

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