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From a teacher, a suggestion for how to curb layoffs

City officials are looking to Albany for new information about the scale of impending teacher layoffs. But what if they looked to the classroom?

A teacher commenting on GothamSchools under the name “Stop Bashing Teachers!” offers a potential way to preserve her school’s teaching staff: A temporary salary giveback that could keep teachers in the classroom and help fill in budget cuts.

The teacher writes:

So I think I have a great idea! We accept the 4% increase and then WE give it back to our schools for the 2010-2011 school year. Those schools that have more experienced teachers will receive a bigger “rebate” to help offset their higher payroll. Those with less experienced teachers will still be ok because they don’t have to spend as much on salaries. Obviously since there is a definite lack of trust and respect between the two side (UFT and DOE) we would need a commitment from the DOE that they would not reduce the schools’ budgets based on this “rebate” amount and we’d also have to make it clear that this is just a one year program and hopefully when the economy improves next year it will no longer be necessary.

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