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Rise & Shine: State, unions agree to tie teacher grades to scores

  • A new state teacher evaluation system will tie grades to test scores. (Times, Wall Street Journal, Post)
  • A new charter school, Explore Excel, says it will take in three grades of any school closed nearby. (Post)
  • Supreme Court nominee Elana Kagan is one of many illustrious alumnae of Hunter College HS. (Times)
  • Brooklyn high school students aired their movie about Dominican life at the Tribeca Film Festival. (NY1)
  • Real estate brokers are wary about advertising apartments’ proximity to individual schools. (Times)
  • Pro-charter school state senators say pressure by teachers unions won’t change their positions. (Post)
  • High school pitchers will soon have limits on how many pitches they can throw in a game. (Daily News)
  • Los Angeles will test all students in order to identify more gifted ones from minority groups. (L.A. Times)
  • The Obama administration wants $375 million over five years for non-abstinence only sex ed. (Times)
  • D.C.’s teachers contract will be approved, with some reforms for now going unfunded. (Washington Post)
  • With money tight, D.C.’s Michelle Rhee is hiring new top-level administrators. (Washington Post)
  • The high rate of students requiring remedial classes in college threatens academic advances. (AP)
  • A professor argues that ed schools should give students a full year of classroom training. (L.A. Times)