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Remainders: FL lawmakers send merit pay bill for gov.'s signature

  • The state budget director said school aid payments due in June may have to be spread out over time.
  • Florida lawmakers passed a bill that eliminates tenure for new teachers and uses a merit pay plan instead.
  • Concerns over pay-for-grades and merit pay show business models don’t work for schools, Mr. Talk says.
  • James Merriman praises NYSUT for speaking out against proposed cuts to SUNY’s charter authorizer.
  • Where do teachers go if they need to do work alone or make personal phone calls? Here’s a photo.
  • Actress Megan Fox’s viral video protesting California school budget cuts is pretty funny.
  • But Robert Ponsiscio calls Fox’s bluff, pointing out that Fox recently said she hated school.
  • And Leonie Haimson is hosting a parent conference tomorrow; the agenda is here.