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Rise & Shine: After long wait, bad news for shut-out 8th graders

  • Michael Mulgrew was elected teachers union president in a landslide vote. (GothamSchools, NY1Post)
  • After the court-induced delay, some unlucky high school students still didn’t get into any school. (Post)
  • Renaissance Charter School staff members say the UFT should have fought for charter funding. (Post)
  • One charter school group that operates three city schools bills for interest on support fees. (Daily News)
  • Two school buildings were briefly evacuated for safety concerns yesterday. (Daily News, NY1, NY1
  • The city is looking at dangerous traffic conditions at the Bronx’s PS 97. (Bronx Times-Reporter)
  • A drug counselor at Queens’ IS 266 was among 22 people arrested in an interstate drug ring. (PostNY1)
  • The city’s former cash-for-kids guru Roland Fryer says his work was politically charged. (Time Magazine)
  • The Times says Race to the Top has improved education by putting “the right issues” on the agenda.
  • U.S. health secretary Kathleen Sebelius wants schools to serve communities. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • D.C.’s new teachers contract will offer teachers without positions a buyout option. (Times)
  • It won’t be easy for other school districts to copy D.C.’s new merit pay model. (Wall Street Journal)
  • The Washington Post says the contract shows D.C. schools chief Michelle Rhee is able to compromise.