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About the expanding Innovation Zone

We received puzzled e-mails this morning asking about the “Innovation Zone,” an effort to boost programs such as online learning in 80 city schools. “What in God’s name is iZone?” one baffled reader e-mailed us.

The Post reports that Department of Education officials said it was too early for them to comment on the program. But it appears that many details have already been worked out, at least for the 10 schools in iZone’s pilot  — the program has its own Web site, nycizone.org.

The site offers an overview of the program options — which include year-round schooling, distance learning, and “ubiquitous” computers – and a list of the schools participating right now in a pilot. It also offers a colorful illustration of the program’s “core elements of innovation”:

UPDATE: A DOE official wanted to clarify that while iZone’s website currently describes only the programs in the 10 pilot schools, more elements will be introduced in new schools as the program grows. More detail on the program’s expansion could come as early as next week, the official said.