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Rise & Shine: Frozen school aid may not come until June

  • Governor David Paterson said he could delay $2.1 billion in school aid until June. (Legislative Gazette)
  • Boy Scouts rallied at City Hall to protest the sale of the city’s only Scout campground. (SI Live)
  • A Brooklyn woman is organizing a prom dress giveaway for city high school students. (Daily News)
  • Many school districts are agreeing to do more to protect against bullying. (SI Live)
  • A former Fortune 500 CEO makes the case for common standards. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Richard Cohen wonders why parents don’t get more blame in bullying cases. (Daily News)
  • Colorado officials will meet today to decide whether to apply to Race to the Top again. (Denver Post)
  • A member of Massachusetts’ first Teach for America class praises the experience. (Boston Globe)
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer supports school turnarounds, but warns against relying too much on charters.
  • A Boston Globe columnist argues that a lack of money is killing public education.