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Rise & Shine: Harlem arts program must raise funds or shutter

  • The Harlem School of the Arts has to raise $500,000 immediately or close for good. (Daily News, Times)
  • A 10-year-old allegedly stabbed a 5-year-old with a protractor on the bus home from school. (Post)
  • The $550 chairs included in the state’s failed Race to the Top plan are made by prison inmates. (Post)
  • The Queens girl arrested earlier this year for doodling on her desk is suing the city. (Daily News)
  • Northwest Indiana school officials want to implement New York City-style reforms. (Post-Tribune)
  • Marcus Winters: Seniority-based layoffs will rid the city of excellent young teachers. (City Journal)
  • Five of six prospective schools vying for charters right now would be located in New York City. (WGRZ)
  • New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn is the first city school to digitize student records. (Times)
  • The Times says the school closure decision gives Mayor Bloomberg a second chance to follow the law.
  • President Obama is giving his Nobel Prize money to an organization that works with city schools. (NY1)
  • The city isn’t allowing Paul Robeson HS to keep a beloved local vending machine operator. (Daily News)
  • High school students are opposing State Sen. Eric Adams’s anti-sagging campaign. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • The Daily News says politicians should not be allowed to cheapen charter schools with dirty dealings.
  • Discouraged by their loss in Race to the Top, at least six states are considering not reapplying. (Times)
  • The Manhattan Institute’s president says we should stop over-funding schools and hospitals. (Post)
  • Eileen Norcross: NJ Gov.’s school budget cuts have him on a collision course with the union. (Post)
  • D.C.’s budget would slightly increase per-student spending, but force teacher layoffs. (Washington Post)
  • Working under a new teacher-created turnaround plan, Jefferson HS is making changes. (L.A. Times)
  • Schenectady has to build more schools while restructuring the ones it already has. (Albany Times Union)
  • Unions and school districts are deciding whether to reopen contracts to stave off cuts. (Chicago Tribune)