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Rise & Shine: With closures on hold, school space is extra tight

  • It’s not clear whether the idea of tenure for teachers will weather the teacher quality push. (NPR)
  • With school closures on hold, some of the city’s new schools are still without homes. (Daily News)
  • A building that houses four schools in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy lacks a shared library. (Daily News)
  • Students at PS 47 in the Bronx are finally playing on the playground they helped design. (NY1)
  • Students from Astor Collegiate Academy took a school trip to European cities. (Bronx Times-Reporter)
  • Bankers visited city schools this week to teach students about money management. (Daily News)
  • The head of Explore charter schools explains why the proposed state budget hurts charters most. (Post)
  • The Post says Merryl Tisch should prove she supports charter schools, rather than limiting them.
  • A Rhode Island teachers union is suing over Central Falls’ move to fire all its high school teachers. (AP)
  • Arizona is pushing schools to remove teachers who speak English with an accent. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Denver is banning teachers from taking work trips to Arizona because of its immigration law. (AP)
  • D.C. is on the verge of announcing a budget to fund its new teachers contract. (Washington Post)