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Rise & Shine: Attendance problems not limited just to students

  • Only four principals failed the city’s principal rating system, even after it was overhauled. (Daily News)
  • A fifth of city teachers missed more than the permitted 10 days of school last year. (Wall Street Journal)
  • The city’s two-year-old Attendance Court is meant to help truant teens return to school. (Times)
  • Special education adds complexity and stakes to the debate over charter schools. (Columbia Spectator)
  • Potential challengers to State Sen. Bill Perkins are busily touting their charter school support. (Post)
  • A movie about getting into Harlem Success charter schools, is playing at the Tribeca Film Festival. (Post)
  • Public school students who are Tribeca Film Fellows are screening their own short movies. (NBC NY)
  • A teacher at the Bronx’s PS 117 allegedly negotiated an illicit gun sale from his classroom. (Daily News)
  • Investors in D.C.’s schools say they want to be able to leave if Michelle Rhee does. (Washington Post)
  • A task force recommended that Los Angeles’s school board tie test scores to teacher tenure. (L.A. Times)
  • In response to criticism, Chicago will now let families appeal magnet school rejections. (Chicago Tribune)
  • Budget cuts could cause class sizes in Chicago to rise by as much as 25 percent. (Chicago Tribune)