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State teachers union makes its case for charter school reform

The state teachers union has been complaining about charter school mismanagement for a long time. Now, we have their complaints in writing.

The New York State United Teachers released its report today cataloging cases of documented and alleged financial mismanagement, conflicts of interest and counseling out of needy students. The report, which NYSUT based on a review of records from 60 of the state’s approximately 140 charter schools, estimates that the state’s charter schools have an 8 to 10 percent student turnover rate each year. It also argues that state charter law doesn’t prevent financial abuses such as those at East New York Preparatory Charter School, which the city is closing at the end of this school year.

The union’s arguments will sound familiar to those who followed New York State United Teachers representative’s testimony at State Senator Bill Perkins’ hearings on charter school oversight last week. At the hearing, charter school authorizers responded that many of the cases of mismanagement the union cites were uncovered through their current oversight practices.

The full report is below the jump: