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Rise & Shine: Could charter stance push Perkins out of office?

  • Shouting ruled at the charter school hearing held by State Sen. Bill Perkins. (Daily News, NY1, Post)
  • A minute-by-minute account of the all-day hearing contains all of the highlights. (GothamSchools)
  • The state teachers unions charges against the schools focused on financial improprieties. (Times)
  • Two pro-charter politicians took the hearing as an opportunity to challenge the teachers union. (Post)
  • A columnist writes that Perkins’ anti-charter school stance makes him politically vulnerable. (Post)
  • The Post says Perkins has “no legitimate place in public life” and should be voted out of office.
  • The Daily News says the hearing was “an attempt to create public policy by raging non sequiturs.”
  • In letters to the editor, Post readers weigh in on the most recent union-charter schools dust-up.
  • A Queens teacher accused of molesting students has been investigated before. (Daily News, NY1)
  • Parents in the East Village used Earth Day to campaign against schools’ use of styrofoam trays. (NY1)
  • The city school board voted to let PAVE Academy stay in PS 15 for three more years. (Courier-Life)