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Rise & Shine: Nepotism fuels hiring at some charter schools

Charter schools special edition:

  • As politicians argue about charter schools, the schools are busily admitting new students. (NY1)
  • Some charter schools staff up with family members of school officials and board members. (Daily News)
  • The number of children on charter school waiting lists is growing by a third, to 43,000, for next year. (Post)
  • The Post says State Sen. Bill Perkins’ charter school hearings today shows he’s in the union’s pocket.
  • A columnist profiles Democracy Prep, a high-performing charter school in Sen. Perkins’ district. (Post)
  • The Post: Merryl Tisch’s call for equal facilities for charter and district schools shows she hates charters.
  • A mother explains why she entered her third child into every charter school lottery in two boroughs. (Post)
  • A second mother whose son has always attended a charter school describes his success there. (Post
  • Two school reform fans say opponents of charter schools are pretty much out of arguments. (Post)

In other news:

  • Not everyone likes the way the admissions glitch at Bard High School Early College was resolved. (Post)
  • A teacher at Queens’ PS 15 was arrested after five students said he sexually assaulted them. (Post, NY1)
  • The state’s comptroller says New York could end July in the red for the first time. (BusinessWeek)
  • Some educators hope parents ignore today’s Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day. (AP)
  • Students from MS 15 in the Bronx won a national chess tournament held in Minneapolis. (Daily News)
  • A second judge barred Detroit’s emergency financial manager from closing schools. (Detroit News)
  • Museums are sending their exhibits into schools to make up for budget-cut field trips. (Times)
  • N.J. districts face big teacher layoffs after voters declined to raise their taxes to plug budget holes. (Times)
  • A Boston teacher training program is modeled after the way doctors are trained in medical school. (NPR)