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Rise & Shine: City says ATR pool tab now at $134 million a year

  • The state will now allow programs such as Teach for America to offer their own master’s degrees. (Times)
  • Chancellor Klein is turning his sights to the up-to-$134-million-a-year teacher reserve pool. (Daily News)
  • Some call State Sen. Bill Perkins a hypocrite for opposing charters when he benefited from choice. (Post)
  • City charter schools’ success is too strong to ignore, a Stanford research center head writes. (Post)
  • The head of the NYC Charter School Center describes some schools that might not get a charter. (Post)
  • Some students didn’t get into any high school, and many more were shut out of top choices. (NY1)
  • The upcoming school year could be the most austere one in years for school districts nationwide. (Times)
  • Los Angeles finalized a plan to shorten the school year by five days. (L.A. Times)