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Rise & Shine: The Post lays it on Bill Perkins, a charter opponent

  • State Sen. Bill Perkins’ upcoming hearing on charter schools will showcase his antagonistic views. (Post)
  • The Post asks why Perkins opposes charter schools when his constituents like them. (Post)
  • Thomas Carroll says Perkins and the state teachers union are unfairly attacking charter schools. (Post)
  • The Albany Times Union profiles Peter Murphy, policy head of the state’s Charter Schools Association.
  • Murphy appeals to research to exhort Perkins to change his tune on charter schools. (Post)
  • School choruses are seeing interest from kids who are hooked on the musical TV show “Glee.” (Post)
  • Two Queens districts are fighting to claim PS 130, a school that lies on their border. (Daily News)
  • Brooklyn’s PS 105 has the borough’s longest kindergarten waitlist, at 76 potential students. (Daily News)
  • The staff at PS 105, including the principal, an immigrant herself, speak 7 Chinese dialects. (Daily News)
  • In New Jersey, school districts are simultaneously trying to raise taxes and cut school spending. (Times)
  • Military leaders want to improve school food so their recruits will be healthier. (USA Today)
  • The Penn. district accused of spying on students took 56,000 pictures of them. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • Federal officials visited a San Francisco school to learn how it turned around. (S.F. Chronicle)