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Rise & Shine: Regents could soon empower alt cert programs

  • Chancellor Klein says seniority is the next frontier now that the rubber rooms are closing. (Daily News)
  • The Regents could vote this week to let alternative certification programs give master’s degrees. (Times)
  • The city’s new book-buying policy, intended to save money, cuts out small vendors. (Times)
  • A one-time rubber room occupant says he’ll believe the reforms when he sees them. (Daily News)
  • The city will shut East New York Preparatory Charter School in June. (GothamSchoolsPost)
  • Girls at city private schools are joining the Girl Scouts in growing numbers. (Times)
  • East Harlemites like Nicholas Tishuk and his new Renaissance Innovation Charter High. (Daily News)
  • City students competed in a national robotics tournament in Atlanta this weekend. (NY1)
  • Some educators at Teachers College say cell phones can be constructive classroom tools. (NY1)
  • Students at Archimedes Academy in the Bronx compete against their teachers in boxing classes. (Times)
  • Andy Wolf: NY should skip Race to the Top because it undercuts local education authority. (Daily News)
  • The Daily News says that high demand for charter schools is proof the state should allow more of them.
  • One of the founders of Educators 4 Excellence explains why she opposes seniority-based layoffs. (Post)
  • Letter-writers weigh in on the rubber room agreement, with some questioning its wisdom. (Post)
  • A charter school in Massachusetts focuses on philosophy — for elementary-aged children. (Times)
  • A top D.C. principal at the front line of reform was found murdered in his home. (Washington Post)