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Rise & Shine: Teachers in rubber room skeptical of closure deal

  • The rubber rooms for teachers under investigation will close. (Times, Post, Daily News, NY1, WNYC, AP)
  • The Post and Daily News praise the rubber room agreement and note that it’s a win for the union.
  • Chancellor Klein says the agreement brings needed “sanity” to the teacher discipline process. (Post)
  • UFT President Michael Mulgrew says closing the rubber rooms has been a high priority. (HuffPo)
  • A teacher in a Manhattan rubber room says he doesn’t believe the agreement will help him. (Post)
  • A Bronx teacher who’s been in the rubber room for 1.5 years hopes he’ll be back to work soon. (Post)
  • School survey results are accurate because teachers resist pressure, Chancellor Klein said. (Daily News)
  • Despite its intentions, the city is cutting after-school programs with mostly needy children. (Daily News)
  • The city says it plans to replace Paul Robeson High School regardless of whether it’s closed. (Post)
  • In a letter, a former city teacher says city schools could benefit from weeknight proms, too. (Times)
  • Bucking his party, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist vetoed a bill that would have tied pay to test scores. (Times)
  • A local school board deemed a charter school started by Stanford’s education school a failure. (Times)
  • Hawaii parents are lobbying against the state’s budget-shortened school year. (Time Magazine)
  • A judge ruled against a company that charged fees to bring Filipino teachers to the States. (USA Today)